Become a Member of Team Tonik!

Team Tonik is a fun way for us to say THANK YOU for your continued support of Tonik! 


• Earn 5 Team Tonik Points for every $1 you spend with Tonik
• Earn Team Tonik Points for referring your friends to Tonik
• Save your points and redeem them!  Each 100 points = $1 off your purchase. 

For example: 

• Spend $150, get 750 points
• Get $7.50 off your next Tonik purchase!

Sounds great! How do I sign up? 

Do you have a Tonik website account?

If you DO, sign into your account through the blue Team Tonik popup at the bottom right of the Tonik site. Your Tonik website account login is your Team Tonik login. 

When you log in, your points from prior Tonik purchases should show up in your account. Neat, huh?
If you do NOT have a Tonik website account.... 

Join Team Tonik through the Join Now button on the blue Rewards popup.  Once you have created an account, we'll populate it with your points from prior Tonik purchases. 

We'll populate new Team Tonik accounts with their points at the start of every week. 

How do I use my Team Tonik Points? 

Click on the Redeem Button on the Team Tonik popup, and click to move the ball to the left or right for how many points you want to redeem.  

When you click Redeem for the amount you want to use, a coupon will pop up and will also be emailed to you! 

How do I earn Team Tonik points? 

Just make sure you are signed into your account when you make your Tonik purchases. Points will be automatically added! 

You can also earn points for referring your friends and for your birthday! 

Thanks for your patience as we launch Team Tonik, and THANKS for being a Tonik customer!