Multipurpose gear is the key to packing light on a bicycle tour. In December, I was packing for a 12-day tour of Puerto Rico and chose the Melanie Dress by Tonik as a base for one of two main outfits that I'd wear on and off the bike. Sporting a cute sleeveless cut and a back pocket for small things like cue sheets, cash, or credit card, I layered the Melanie Dress with leggings and a lightweight long-sleeve shirt for airport travel and cycling shorts for riding. It's a little too short for my taste to wear without anything underneath, but the upside is that it's a great length for riding and doesn't ever get in the way. 

I chose the Maggie tank top in Navy Daisy from Tonik Cycling because I really loved the whimsical pattern and bright colors.  When I received the top, I was very impressed.  Not only is this tank top even prettier in real life, it is also very well made.  The stitching is very sturdy and the moisture-wicking material is like bathing suit material, which I adore.

The tagline on each piece of Tonik Cycling women’s clothing says “Performance Wear for Real Women.” And it’s true. Their full line of smart, flattering gear is available in women’s sizes XS (2-4) to XXL (16-18).

Kristina Vetter, the owner of Tonik Cycling, takes pride in the fact that her company makes clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. Even better is that Tonik Cycling’s bike clothes makes women look good and feel fantastic while wearing it.

Kristina Vetter took over Tonik Cycling Apparel in 2018 to [lead the company into its next phase and bring Tonik’s mission to even more women.] Tonik makes elegant, [high-quality] performance apparel that fits women of every size and shape and the company’s mission is to help women look fabulous and feel confident while being active [encourage women to be active by helping them look fabulous and feel confident]. Prior to Tonik she was the founder of Sûr de Soi Design, which focused on timeless cashmere pieces.

One such company I recently tried is Tonik Cycling, which makes tank tops that do double duty for cycling and yoga, jerseys, sport dresses, cycling jackets, and active skirts - but surprisingly, no shorts. Tonik’s motto is “Performance Apparel For Real Women - We Fit The Body You’ve Got.”

For maximal comfort I especially like a couple of women's pieces: Tonik Cycling’s Beth Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey ($95 at Tonik) and Rapha & Outdoor Voices High-Waisted Padded Short ($110 at Rapha$110 at Outdoor Voices). Quality companies are moving toward designing kits geared toward a wider array of body sizes. Tonik took the elastic off the bottom of its roomy Beth jersey to let it breathe and added three ample pouches and a zippered pocket in the rear. Rapha partnered with Outdoor Voices to create a women’s line of cycling gear that maximizes style and high performance.