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You know what makes us excited? Adventure. All kinds of adventure. That is why we have launched our first #TONIKAdventure contest. Now through October 31st we want to see what you do for adventure. While wearing your favorite TONIK gear post a picture to Facebook or Instagram, tag #TONIKAdventure and you are entered to win a $100 TONIK gift card.  We accept all types of adventures, biking, hiking, playing, relaxing, traveling. You find inspiration while wearing our gear and we want to see you! It is simple. Take a photo wearing your TONIK gear, use #TONIKAdventure in the comments when...

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 Make This Year Epic!  Write down three or more of these goals you want to conquer and post them somewhere obvious, like on the refrigerator! Register for an event. Go big!!! A century is a reachable goal this summer if you start planning and training. Check out the Gran Fondo’s in your area. Move the brain from winter festivities to spring active mode! Register now, nothing keeps you on track like cash on the line. Join a group, whether it’s a club, training group, shop ride, or a coach, it is important to find a group at your level. Reach...

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Chose the right clothing for cycling and enjoy a comfortable ride (Article as seen in Expert Beacon) No matter what cycling gear you are purchasing -- whether it’s gloves, pants, or a jersey -- the gear should make you feel comfortable, confident and safe on all your rides. Below are the musts for dressing for cycling. Do wear a quality helmet wear gloves wear reflective tape pay attention to fabric Don't overlook safety pinch pennies on clothing and gear sacrifice the fit of your clothing forget to choose the right fit Do Do wear a quality helmet Start with a...

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1. Clean your bike. You can start by just rinsing your bike off with the hose. No need to use soap. Just wipe down everything, including frame, spokes, derailleur, pedals, etc. with a soft rag. To clean your chain, I like to turn the bike upside down and drop degreaser on the chain.  Push the pedals around a few times. Then take a rag and softly hold onto chain as you run chain through. Keep doing this till rag is almost clean. 2. Check your  wheels. Spin them around. If they are rubbing anywhere, or make unusual noise, call your favorite bike...

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Does the word Holiday get you all giddy with joy or throw you into a full-blown state of panic? Do you find yourself in a cold sweat realizing you have waited until the last minute AGAIN!   Take a deep breath, Simplicity is the solution.   Here are a few ideas we feel confidant would be on any cyclist list.   Lights, you cannot have too many with all the distracted drivers out there. A front light, rear light or helmet light, you can’t go wrong here and you could save someone’s life, Awesome floor pump. We like simple ones...

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