Winter Styles for Women

Winter Styles for Women

Winter Styles for Women

Winter Styles for Women

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I always love this annual post, just because we get to show off some really great gear for women.

These are styles that stand up to the use and abuse of an outdoor life but are also stylish and comfortable.

This post is actually a work in progress – check back often as I add to it all winter long!

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This happens to be my favorite category so the one I always start with. I love wearing dresses and skirts all year long, but also demand I can move and play and adventure in them.

Winter Styles for Outdoor Women

Mercury Dress

This may be my favorite do-everything dress I have ever owned. It has just enough warmth to layer up for winter, is the perfect weight for fall and is super easy to move in. It is also to take care of (wash and go) and hides dirt very well.

Mary Dress from Tonik

Tonik is a new brand for me and I am so impressed. See our spring style guide for more on this brand, for now how cute is this performance dress to go from cycling to out to dinner (or cycle to dinner??) And while they are marketed for cyclists, they are perfect for every outdoor pursuit.

Bun Warmer Quilted Skirt

I sort of think everyone needs an insulated skirt for winter. This gem from Skhoop has stretchy sides which make it easy for full movement (unlike some other insulated skirts). And I love their bright colors, especially this yellow!

Fjord Dress by Kind Apparel

JUST released today and updated for this season. I have one from last season and it’s my favorite for winter. Perfect to just throw on when I will be outside or want to be cozy. I just ordered this one for myself today.

Note: if you have had previous Fjord dresses, I hear this year is more accurate with sizing.

Baha Dress from Stonewear Designs

Looking for a soft dress, but a little less thick than the Fjord? This one is AMAZING. It’s like wearing sweatpants as a dress.

I hate to admit, but I wear it a couple times a week and always get compliments on it. Again, I love me a hood and this one is great!

winter styles for women


Cold Killer Pant – Available in Lengths!

The perfect pant for XC skiing. Softshell in the front, breathable in the back. Super stretchy for great movement. And I am a huge fan of any pants that come in lengths (which this one does – yay!)

Ascent Pants – Available in Lengths!

This one is less weather-resistant than the Cold-Killer, but could definitely still be layered under for sunny weather. For me, it’s the perfect fall and spring hiking pant when I want great coverage, but not a ton of heavy warmth.

If I had to say, I think I wore these 90% of the cold days last winter. I love that they are warm tights that actually hold their shape AND have an exterior that blocks the wind. They work well on their own or as a layer. Perfect for under the Cold Killer pant!

DUER Stay Dry Performance Denim

I put off trying these for so long, but was incredibly thrilled I finally did. They are performance pants that go from outdoor to indoor. They fit well, stretch for movement, and this pair especially repels dirt and water.

Winter Styles for Outdoor Women

Stio Turpin Fleece Pant

Everyone needs a pair of fleece, cozy joggers. Need I say more? Stio’s Turpin are available in other fun colors too.

Dolma Softshell Tight from Sherpa Adventure Gear

I love the Kalpana hike tight, and the Dolma is a warmer, more weather-resistant version. Perfect for under skirts and dresses.


Mighty Tunic

One of those sweatshirts that just makes you say “ahhhh”. This is the one I grab when I want super soft, but less bulk than a fleece, for example. Nice and long, great big hood and super, super soft.

I can’t get enough of Sherpa’s designs and patterns. AND their clothing is functional too. I do choose to line dry my pieces to save the colors. They fit great, dry fast and have UPF 50+ protection. One of those must-have long sleeve tops.

Wonder Woman Long Sleeve Top

I love having lots of long sleeve wool tops for winter that really work best for warmth-on-your-skin and then layering up too. Smartwool does a great job at making them cute with fun designs.


Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie – from Stio

Hands-down my favorite fleece ever and one I get compliments on all the time. Soft on the inside, brushed exterior to look like wool. I am a hood person and LOVE this hood.

Equinox Eco Fleece Vest – from Orvis

A great basic lightweight fleece vest. I wear vests a LOT and this is an easy one for me to just throw on. Plus all those zippers are a must for me!

Environ Jacket – from Stio

Personally I prefer a shell for skiing (over an insulated jacket) just to give me the ability to adjust my layers as necessary for the weather. The Environ is one of my very favorites and the hood is bomber!


Muck Glacier Trek Arctic Apres II Leather Mid

THE best traction boots I have at this point. They work well on ice and snow, are cute, and keep my feet warm, even in below-freezing temperatures. Yes, I’ve checked!

Bogs Neo Classic Mid – Redesigned and 30% lighter

Ok I am going to be honest here – in the past I have chosen other Neoprene boots over Bogs. But I am SOOOOO impressed this year. Lighter, warmer, better traction and just great quality. Their redesign was spot-on!

Merino light hikers are the socks I wear for almost everything all winter and we are huge fans of Point6 for the family (starting at about age 3). They hold up very well, stay on, fit comfortably and come in cute designs.

Also available on Amazon.

Beluga Knee Socks

Fun knee-high socks from Smartwool for maximum warmth!

Skida Hat and Neckwarmer

I’m a huge fan of Skida and especially their headbands. But this combo is also perfect for alpine and nordic skiing. And I LOVE this new pattern.

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