Top Three Reasons to take a Girls Cycling Trip this Summer

Top Three Reasons to take a Girls Cycling Trip this Summer

It's spring! And where I live in Northern California, the kids are almost out of school (crazy, I know!) 

That means it's time to start planning for some getaways large and small. Why not add a girls' cycling trip to your summer?

Here are some great reasons:


1. Explore a new place together while staying active -> hello, endorphins. 

While sometimes it can be relaxing to chill on a tour bus and watch the scenery go by, seeing new places under your own steam makes you a much more active participant - and you'll probably get more out of the experience. 

And of course - using all that energy on your bike means you can feel better while you're sampling all the new foods at your destination! 


2. Time for yourself, when you need it. 

Sometimes it's your GFs who understand better than anyone when you need some time on your own. And on a bike trip it's easy - you can cruise along on your own for awhile, admire the scenery and take some "you time". 


3.  A chance to reconnect.  

Here's the number one reason in my book: cycling trips are a chance to reconnect with your friends face-to-face instead of over WhatsApp or in a Zoom window.  With nature around you and the open road ahead, you can (dare we say it?) unplug, catch up and enjoy the journey.