The Goldilocks Ride in Las Vegas

The Goldilocks Ride in Las Vegas

Last weekend I was privileged to bring Tonik to the Goldilocks Ride in Las Vegas. Goldilocks is a women's ride that offers ride choices of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 miles. Their tag line is "Just Right" and with so many course distances every rider could truly find a ride that was right for them. 

It was a gorgeous day in Las Vegas. I don't love the Strip in Vegas much, but out where the ride was being held in the Summerlin area, it was beautiful, with views of the Red Rocks area and lots of blue sky.

 The vibe of the event was awesome. Cassi Richmond, the new event director for Goldilocks, wants to create events that offer a day of women having fun together, challenging themselves and supporting each other and the ride was all that. A few men ride as "Papa Bears" - support riders - but otherwise it's just the gals. 

I saw women cross the finish line in teams and in groups holding hands. I saw several mother-daughter teams.

I totally teared up, along with some of the Goldllocks staff, when towards the end of the afternoon, with many riders finished and departed, a women crossed the finish line of her century ride to find her husband and children waiting for her with a big sign. 

There are few downsides to bringing Tonik to cycling events, but one of them is feeling super envious of the riders out there on the course, and that was really true at this ride. I was so thrilled to be there because the Goldilocks vibe is what Tonik is about too: women challenging themselves and feeling great while doing it. 

Right now Goldllocks offers two events a year: a ride in Provo, Utah the third weekend of September, and the Las Vegas ride that just completed. Check them out for more info here!