The 365 Mile Challenge!

The 365 Mile Challenge!

This week I'm writing about a group that Tonik is very proud to support. The 365 Mile Challenge is exactly what it sounds like - a group of people who commit to moving 365 self-propelled miles in a year - cycling, walking, running, swimming, paddling.... you get the idea.

As their website points out - we all KNOW the benefits of regular physical activity and we KNOW we feel better when we get out to move a few minutes every day.  Of course we know it.

But. Some days it's cold, or hot, or windy, or we're busy. The Challenge community gives each other the nudge to get out the door for just a little bit anyway.

It's been the catalyst for complete lifestyle changes. Some of their ambassadors have lost pounds, lost depression and found confidence and friends.  Valerie Hopkins, who runs 365 Mile Challenge, writes about gaining quality time with kids through doing the Challenge together (My teenagers are a no. I asked them.) 

The Challenge Facebook group has over 200 members and is super supportive of each other. The words "only", "just" and "should" are banned from posts (what a great idea - is there ANY way to use the word "should" positively?? )

365 Mile Challenge will be producing a series of "Basics Of" videos this year - some of them featuring Tonik products! - to introduce people to sports they want to try but don't know how. Basics of Hiking is out, Basics of Mountain Biking is coming up this spring, and there are many more planned. 

 When Tonik was asked last year to support the Challenge, I was thrilled but it never crossed my mind to join it myself. Because I cycle, I thought. Except I didn't really cycle in January.  And I run. Except how many miles did I run last month? Not really too many. 

So you totally know how this post ends. This week I realized that it was time to walk the walk and start making myself accountable to get out for at LEAST a little bit every day, and my 365 Mile Challenge tracking sheet is in the mail to me right now :) 

Check out the 365 Mile Challenge's website if you're interested in more details. We get no affiliate credit or anything, we just think it's an awesome idea.

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