So, What Did You Do This Week??

So, What Did You Do This Week??

If it wasn't real last week, it certainly is now. I think a good 30-40% of you guys are under some kind of coronavirus lockdown by now.  Where I live in the California Bay Area, we have been under "Shelter in Place" or "Stay at Home" rules since Monday, which means that most everything is closed except for essential businesses. 

So, what did I do this week? In contrast to the idealistic and hilarious schedules people are posting, my days have consisted of keeping up with the news (probably two hours a day!), exercising, Tonik work, cancelling travel :(((, walking my dogs, and, with all my teenagers home all day, DISHES. (If we go over the edge, it will be because of the dishes.) 

I'm also dipping into the escapist tale The Starless Sea for my (now virtual) book club and baked these cookies this week. (Note about the cookies: if you make them, put them away immediately or you will grab one every single time you pass by the kitchen).

I hope you are all continuing to get outside and get fresh air as it's critical for our physical and mental health.  If you are looking for a bright new cycling jersey to cheer you up, we have redone our Beth short sleeve cycling jersey (the most popular Tonik style ever, now with an improved fit) and it launches next week! 

In the meantime - use code GETOUT to take 10% off all our full-priced 2019 styles and find something that will brighten your day and help you get outside! Shipping is fast and we can get it right to you.  

How are you all coping?? Hit reply to this email and let me know! 

Let's beat this thing and come out stronger on the other side.