All Geared Up

All Geared Up

I turned 55 the other day. What I once used to dread, I now deeply celebrate. Post COVID19, I feel very fortunate. My birthday is a marker I'm still here.

It turns out there’s nothing like a pandemic to get me feeling more grateful.

Older, wiser and more comfortable in my skin.

And I’m happy and proud that the Tonik philosophy aligns with how I live now.

This is what we’re all about. What am I going to try that's new and fun? And what will help me feel inspired and comfortable to do it?

Women my age are ready to get out there, challenge ourselves, take care of ourselves and have FUN. And we need a little support and inspiration to help us get there. This is why Tonik exists.

We want fun active clothes that fit & flatter our bodies, the way they are today. Not the way they were ten years ago.

And you know what really makes my day?

When a customer emails telling me how confident Tonik makes her feel. Because that’s what my business is all about.

At 55 years young I’m excited about what the future holds. Life is about moving forward one pedal at a time.

Cruise happy,