One Day At A Time!

One Day At A Time!

Today is my oldest son's 19th birthday. He's being very gracious about the fact that the only thing he wants, really, is to go back to college and his friends, or go out ANYWHERE AT ALL with someone who isn't in his immediate family. 

Instead, we're making things as special as we can. He gets a cake baked by his little sister, takeout Thai food, and later on he and I are going on an online shopping (sort-of) spree. 

Here in the California Bay Area, we're rounding the corner of two weeks in shelter-in-place already, and it's transforming from "okay then! now I have time at home to learn to bake bread /write a poem a day /learn to knit /go through the photo albums" to the realization that we might be DUG IN FOR A WHILE.

Zoom happy hours were fun last week  - this week people have Zoom fatigue. It's getting hard to remember what day it is. With nowhere to go, I forgot to brush my teeth a couple of days this week. 

Living day-to-day is a super big cliché, but, for me, the key to getting through now is to forget about what you had planned to be doing or what you would like to be doing and think about what you CAN do, today and tomorrow, not next month or even next week. So I'm getting out of the sweats and focusing on the now. 

Yesterday, we sent tons of leftover elastic from cycling sleeves to my friend's sewing shop, Santa Cruz Vac'N'Sew, to be made into face masks as their production has stopped for lack of elastic. For some reason I had never gotten rid of all that elastic, and now boy am I glad. 

Everyone please continue getting those exercise endorphins, outside or in! We've put over half our range of styles on sale for 20% off (no code needed) and we still have some new styles coming in as the weather warms up. 

Be kind. Smile at people as you move six feet away from them. And brush your teeth!! Let's beat this thing! 

P.S. Thanks to everyone who sent in quarantine recipes! Will publish recipes next week. The birthday boy will do the giveaway drawing this weekend :)