Make your rides easier. Here's what I'm doing.

Make your rides easier. Here's what I'm doing.

A friend of mine says that cyclists in 2020 were in two groups: either you did the most riding of your life or you rode less than you ever had.

Sadly, I'm in the second group, and coming into this year I really wanted to build back some strength. So I checked out The Endurance Hub, an online workout program specifically to help cyclists build core strength. I really like it and you might too.

One thing I like the most about the program is that it starts at a basic level and builds gradually, so it's not too intimidating.

Make no mistake though -the exercises can get very challenging and you know you're working. The workouts are under 30 minutes each and you do them three times a week.

It's $29 a month, so pretty affordable too.

And - it works. After several months of these workouts I have definitely noticed that I'm becoming a stronger rider.

Alexis, who runs Endurance Hub, is opening membership again next month. To be notified when she does, you can join the waitlist here.

Maybe I'll see you there!