Is this your year to start bikepacking?

Is this your year to start bikepacking?

Amazing scenery. Sleeping in the wild. Adventure for days.

Literally... for days.

Who isn't dreaming about heading off somewhere - anywhere- on their bike? Bikepacking is doing exactly that, for multiple days. You carry all your things with you, and you either camp or opt for indoor lodging.

I've been admiringly reading accounts of bikepacking trips all year. To be honest, I've never done the completely self-supported kind - I have never been able to conquer my urge to overpack enough to squeeze all my things in pannier bags. However, this is my year! I'm so eager to get out that I'm gonna make it work or else. Stay tuned. 

Interested in trying it? Got tips from your own bikepacking? Let me know at!

Here’s to adventures this year!