How I’m beating the lockdown blues...

How I’m beating the lockdown blues...

You know what's great about having a bike these days?

It’s a socially-distanced way to get out.

When friends, family & fun group activities have been stripped away from you...

...why not focus on the things you actually can do.

Here’s how I’m beating the lockdown blues (with my bike) these days:

  • Being cooped up indoors is the antithesis of what I love: travel. So I take a new route home - or head out on my bike to explore a nearby place. Those been-meaning-to-go spots are slowly getting crossed off my list.
  • There’s nothing like pumping those pedals and feeling the freedom of being on your bike. Now that you're not commuting, it’s a great time to bike just for the love of it. Remember how that feels?
  • When you do errands, it’s safer and more fun to be in the open air. So get that basket hooked up to your bike - and use it!

Stay safe and happy trails,