December Veggies! Roasted Brussels Sprouts

December Veggies! Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Somehow in December it seems like I am surrounded by way more treats than in the rest of the year. They seem to be everywhere, and I have trouble saying no, especially if they're chocolate. (If you were reading the Tonik blog last year, here is the recipe for the chocolate walnut biscotti that I like to make at the holidays.) 

This time, I'm sharing a Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe, which is great when you feel like you need to balance out all those treats. I keep a few bags of frozen brussels sprouts in my freezer and will throw them in the oven when I feel like I need a hit of veggies, and I will literally eat every single one myself.

It's based on this recipe from The Food Network, but my version is even easier. No measuring, no trimming, no cleanup (pull the foil off the baking sheet and toss it). 

Super Lazy Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 

Cover a baking sheet or a small jelly roll pan with foil. 

Empty an entire bag of frozen brussels sprouts onto the pan. (Any brand, although I often use the ones from Trader Joe's.) 

Cover the frozen sprouts with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Your clean hands are the best way to make sure the sprouts get completely covered. 

Roast the sprouts. Start checking them for softness with a fork after about 50 minutes. They are best when they start to get soft in the middle and brown around the outside. (Larger sprouts will take longer). Keep roasting for additional 5 minute intervals until they seem done. I like them when they are somewhat browner than shown in the photo. 

Cool on stovetop, add more salt, pepper or grated parmesan or garlic powder or any other spice you like and eat like popcorn :) 


There are endless variations on this recipe online, and you can try them with balsamic vinegar, honey, minced garlic, lemon juice, bacon (!!), thyme, shallots, maple, mustard, pomegranate and lots of other additions.

Experiment around and let me know when you find your favorite!