Adjusting to the New Normal

Adjusting to the New Normal

I don't really care to remember last week, but what I do remember is that every time I sat down to work my phone pinged with more scary news.

By yesterday afternoon, the county health department where I live had banned public gatherings of over 100 people, my kids' schools were closed for a month, and my college son was packing to come home three months early. 

Welcome to flattening the curve. As a Type 1 diabetic, I have a dreaded "underlying health condition", so my running around is restricted even more than most. I'm not a super cautious person normally, but now I'm being cautious. 

Are you guys OK? It's anxiety producing, and most of my conversations with people right now are about how unmoored we all feel. We've moved past trying to hang onto normalcy and are figuring out what the next phase looks like and how to stay sane. 

What does it look like? Right now, I'm hard at work getting the Spring 2020 collection out to you guys. We need the cheery bright colors even more right now! Start to look for it to roll out next week. I'm really thrilled with the fits and the styles and can't wait to see what you think. 

Also, it's a great time to get outside. Nature helps. A lot. We know the trees don't have coronavirus, and time in fresh air is really helping me to rebalance and refocus. Everywhere I'm going now, if I can possibly walk, I do. With most everything cancelled I have much more time to do it. 

And those healthy recipes I wanted to try, that I mentioned back in January? Looks like I'll be able to give them a shot. 

Let's beat this thing. Stay well. And wash your hands.