Are you ready for the big ride?


Organizing a group or a team for the 2013 STP or a big event?

Tonik can help! If you have a group of three or more,send us an email.  We would love to help with a great discount on a Colette Jersey.



With the STP just around the corner, we wanted to share some tips we have learned along the way.  Though, you may have heard them before its always a worthy review.

  • Start early…its worth it. (add a hour of unexpected delays to get over the start line)
  • Remember to give lots of space between riders. (especially first thing in the  morning, when people are nervous and crazy) It will keep you safe.
  • An Important one, eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty!! You are burning a lot more calories than you think!
  • Don’t leave home without the chamois butter in back pocket of your jersey. You will be prepared for any stop. Reapply often.(not a lovely place for blisters)
  • Long lines to the porta potty or water lines, no worries, continue to a coffee shop or convience store around the corner.
  • Don’t sit long, make your rest stops brief, as your legs will tighten up quickly. Learn to draft, take turns, it really helps.
  • Change of clothes second day is essential. Or, stash some laundry detergent in your bag to wash out in shower.  Salt hurts on day two.
  • We are not big on drugs but pack some of your pain medicine of choice,  in your bike bag…keep up on them to control swelling.
  • Never try a new drink on such a day, there is nothing worse than finding out you don’t like it and are out of options.
  • Carry one nutrition bar, just in case…so many are available on the ride.
  •  Have you looked into cooling towels?
  • How about tire tubes? Remember to replace along the way with the support groups.
  • Sunscreen….. Sunscreen…5 bucks, 5 bucks…or ones, ones, ones…  It’s important to carry a little cash with you.
  • Throw in an extra water bottle and pair of gloves in your bag for the halfway point, just in case you loose one the first day. We recommend you don’t stop for the dropped water bottle, very dangerous with the crowds of people.  You should carry  two anyway. 
  • Use light weight arm warmers (take a look at ours, they have UPF 50).  Never wear a coat around your waist its an accident waiting to happen. 
  • Review what you have on your bike.  We really recommend you take as little as possible and don't bring anything that you can't carry on your bike NOT YOUR BODY!  Any place you can create friction you will!
  • So much excitement, such an accomplishment, be proud, you did it!!!!  Now all your hard work will pay off! Enjoy!!
  • Share any great ideas for first time STP Riders on our Facebook page.  We remember what that felt like the first time we rode this event.  We were nervous…excited.