3 Tips for a Hot Weather Workout

3 Tips for a Hot Weather Workout

Never underestimate the most powerful star in our galaxy. The sun is working it’s magic right now and while we love it - it’s important to be safe while cycling.

Here are 3 quick tips to prevent heat exhaustion (or worse: heat stroke) and dehydration.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Sick of people telling you to drink more water? Well, I’m here to hassle you further. Water is your BFF in Summer heat. And if you’re going to be cycling for more than an hour, consider an electrolyte supplement like Heed, Gatorade or Vitalyte. Put two bottle cages on your bike - and carry both water & electrolytes for maximum protection.

Don’t skimp on sunscreen.  

Getting all sunburnt and sore is going to put a real spanner in the works. So protect your skin with a high SPF and enjoy riding pain-free all Summer long. Reapply, and reapply, and reapply some more. 

Wear clothes designed for movement. 

Light clothing in bright colours will help bounce the sun's intense rays away from your skin. Similarly, high performance fabric that wicks moisture away - helps you stay comfortable and dry.

We’ve got some of those. 😉