It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Does the word Holiday get you all giddy with joy or throw you into a full-blown state of panic? Do you find yourself in a cold sweat realizing you have waited until the last minute AGAIN!


Take a deep breath, Simplicity is the solution.


Here are a few ideas we feel confidant would be on any cyclist list.


  1. Lights, you cannot have too many with all the distracted drivers out there. A front light, rear light or helmet light, you can’t go wrong here and you could save someone’s life,
  2. Awesome floor pump. We like simple ones like Joe Blow
  3. Bike Seat. Even if they own one , all of us search after the perfect saddle. Yes, it is impossible to pick out the right one, make sure you talk to your bike shop about exchange.
  4. Cycling Jersey that fits and flatters can be close to impossible to find Tonik Cycling makes a women’s jersey that truly fits all body types. She will love you for it!
  5. Water bottle…(match the bike) fill it with important goodies like air cartridges, cool bar tape in crazy colors & light weight tool kit
  6. Arm warmers…if you don’t know what these are just trust us once they ride with arm warmers you will never go back. Heavy wool/thermal for winter and lightweight like Tonik Cycling for the rest of the year.
  7. Gloves …most cyclists like to replace these yearly and a warm pair is usually on a wish list     some one will be thanking you!!!.
  8. Socks    love them, can’t have too many! They come in lots of fun colors and for both cold and warm weather.
  9. Still stumped? Any cyclist would be thrilled with a gift card to their favorite bike shop or online site to ponder all the options. Your last minute perfect gift!